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Don't we all love to read the "about us" page on a website.

This one might be slightly different and maybe not that corporate, grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

We started out screen printing t-shirts in a dark loft late at night after work, we were using air drying ink as this was the only way we knew how to print. We managed to secure lots of jobs through bar's and nightclub's, it was a seasonal job. That was back in the mid 80's, move on a few years and living in a flat in Putney, SW15 after spending hour after hour faxing companies with what would now be called "spam" we managed to secure a few new clients. We then moved into a 5th floor office in Broadwick Street, Soho (no lift and lots of boxes in and out) this led to the crazy world of TV & Radio and with it came some fun contracts and some very interesting projects, remember TFI Friday we used to have a stall at the show and visited the tiny bar with many after parties in the pub across the road!!

We now needed to have a proper name and Black-Sheep came out the winner but that's another story. 

A last minute call from "Sahar Hashemi" who founded Coffee Republic opened the world of coffee companies to us, then following a conversation in a Soho pub we were introduced to The Seattle Coffee Co who were just about to launch in the UK. This was a game changer as they in turn sold to Starbucks who we traded happily with for over 10 years. This period led to us needing bigger premises and an office move to South London and a name change came as we thought we needed to grow up, London Merchandise was born. At the same time we were subcontracting out so much embroidery that we decided to set up our own embroidery company and London Embroidery was chosen to compliment the merchandise business. 


Roll on 15 years and a move to the coast we feel its time to re-invent

So their you have it we've gone full circle and we're Black-Sheep again.

If you've read this and you want to know more about us feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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