Grannies Inc came to Black Sheep to get the Nissan logo embroidered on different styles of beanie hats, because the client only had 3 days to hand knit & brand the beanies, we first had to produce patches in the style of a label that could then be sewn onto 8 of the beanies ready to send to Paris on the third day.

Black Sheep then had another week to embroider the Nissan logo directly onto the following 93 beanies. We specialise in working within our client’s short deadlines and still producing high quality embroidery.

If you are looking for custom knitted beanies branded with your logo, please contact us now for a quotation. We will get in contact with Grannies Inc to hand knit your beanie, and we will then embroider your logo.

“The jacket has been returned.  It is perfect – thank you.” Laura,  Sterling International Brokers Sterling International Brokers