The Little Foxes Club launched in 2007, they provide fun sports sessions for toddlers and young children in a friendly and sociable environment, encouraging kids to keep fit and build their football skills.

We have worked with Little Foxes since 2009, providing them with the children’s Football Kits and Body Warmers embroidered with their distinctive logo.

If you would like to embroider your child’s football kit with their Name or Team logo, please click the ‘Contact Us’ button now for a prompt response!

“I received my labcoat today, and all I can say is that its absolutely perfect! The coat itself is a much thicker and of nicer quality than my previous labcoat, and the embroidery is exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you very much and I look forward to ordering another in the future.” – Drew 6/5/10 Drew – Labcoat embroidery