Ascent Media provides fully integrated digital media services for every stage in media production. Through the pre-production planning, to shooting the footage and finally the post-production stages of editing and distribution, Ascent Media are involved.

Black Sheep have supplied the production company with many different printed and embroidered garments, such as T-Shirts, fleeces, waterproof jackets and bags. Knowing that the staff of Ascent Media work with some of the world’s biggest names in media and usually only having a couple days to turn the large jobs around, we have to ensure each printed garment we supply is perfect even in such a short deadline. Luckily with our team of highly skilled staff and facilities, we are always able to complete the work to a great standard within our clients deadline.

“Just received the t-shirts – they look great so thanks very much” – Kate Scurr, Migraine Trust The Migraine Trust