Ascent Media provides fully integrated digital media services for every stage in media production. Through the pre-production planning, to shooting the footage and finally the post-production stages of editing and distribution, Ascent Media are involved.

Black Sheep have supplied the production company with many different printed and embroidered garments, such as T-Shirts, fleeces, waterproof jackets and bags. Knowing that the staff of Ascent Media work with some of the world’s biggest names in media and usually only having a couple days to turn the large jobs around, we have to ensure each printed garment we supply is perfect even in such a short deadline. Luckily with our team of highly skilled staff and facilities, we are always able to complete the work to a great standard within our clients deadline.

“With the time and patience that Maria, James and David showed us from Black Sheep, we are really grateful to have such an accommodating company working with us and our client. I would highly recommend using them, as they are not only prompt, efficient and knowledgeable, but also really easy to deal with. We are more than pleased with their service, and hope to do business with them again in the nearby future.” – Riccardo Webb, Community Executive. 100 Heads – Nokia Bags